SUPREME’s project results will offer a unique contribution towards the following impacts:

  1. Minimise the risk of spread of infections from harmful pathogens arising from everyday human activities.
  2. Create a healthier living and working environment and offer holistic solutions to people with health.
  3. Improve citizen health and enhance the EU’s reputation as a public health best practice region.
  4. Enhance economic benefits through reduction of lost hours of work through illness.
  5. Boost research, development and innovation in the EU.
  6. Provide business opportunities especially for SMEs.
  7. Sustainable synthesis of nanocoatings (including bio-based materials) especially with effectiveness against a range of pathogens.
  8. Industrial leadership and increased autonomy in key strategic value chains with security of supply in raw materials, achieved through breakthrough technologies in areas of industrial alliances, dynamic industrial innovation ecosystems and advanced solutions for substitution, resource and energy efficiency, effective reuse and recycling and clean primary production of raw materials, including critical raw materials, and leadership in the circular economy.
  9. New sustainable-by-design materials with enhanced functionalities and applications in a wide range of industrial processes and consumer products.
  10. Leadership in producing materials that provide solutions for clean, toxic/pollutant free environment, decarbonising industry, and safeguarding civil infrastructures.
  11. Leadership in circular economy that strengthens cross-sectorial cooperation along the value chain and enable SMEs to transform their activities and business models.
  12. Increased adoption of key digital and enabling technologies in industrial value chains and strategic sectors, paying particular attention to SMEs and start-ups.